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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping protect and rescue persecuted minorities — U.S. and NATO allies and their families, religious minorities including (but not limited to) Christians and Jews, women’s and children’s rights activists, ethnic minorities, and other targeted people from the violence of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

This assistance takes place through our Afghanistan-based safe house network, which houses between 200 and 400 people at any given time and offers food, heating, medical care, and security. We complete this work via our collaborative partners and donors as we together seek evacuation routes to safe countries for these at-risk Afghans.

Who We Serve

Our safe house network houses anywhere from 200 – 400 people at any given time. In it, they receive food, warmth, medical care, security, and a concerted effort to identify evacuation routes for them. All of them are targeted for death, torture, or servitude by the Taliban. They include the families of Christians and Jews, widows, women and children who are slated to be forced Taliban brides or sex slaves, people who worked with or supported U.S. troops in Afghanistan, people who worked with foreign nonprofits to enact human rights in Afghanistan, among others.

Put simply, we serve the unseen — the people who cannot easily obtain a visa to safely exit Afghanistan and enter a new life but who need advocates to stand with them and save their lives. 


What Beneficiaries Say

I am praying all the time and asking our dear God to open His door for us. However, it’s hard for us in here but when you are with me, it’s giving me power of the heart. Thank you for your being, sister!

To our Team Member from a Persecuted Christian

To our Team Member from a Persecuted Christian

Mr. @RyanMauro helped me with my son’s surgery. He has cleft lips and palate. By help of @RyanMauro, he got his lip surgery. Also, @RyanMauro promised to pay for his palate surgery, too. My son is okay now by helping of this guy and his team. For me he is a hero. I appreciate him.

From a Father Who’s Baby Needed Life-saving Surgery

From a Father Who’s Baby Needed Life-saving Surgery

You didn’t save a person or family, you saved a generation.

From a Human Rights Activist Who Was Tortured

From a Human Rights Activist Who Was Tortured

Testimonials from beneficiaries of the Afghan Liberty Program. Find out how you can join us to protect Afghans from violence and oppression.

From an Afghan who protected U.S. Forces

From an Afghan who protected U.S. Forces


Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I help the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan?

The Afghan Liberty Project is facing a funding crisis. Thousands of starving, sick, injured, fleeing, and panicked Taliban-hunted Afghans who served along U.S. veterans, Christians, Jews, and other Afghans reach out to us monthly pleading for life-sustaining necessities. Requests are for safe houses, medical care, food, warmth, and evacuations.

Our ability to respond to these pleas depends on our donors. To help, you can donate:

– $25 to offer medicine and diapers to a baby for one month.

– $50 to offer clothing for a family of 5.

– $200 for an unfurnished safe house for a month.

– $210 – To give a family of 5 food for a month

-$500 for a furnished safe house for a month.

– $5,000 – To evacuate one person to a safe refugee country with one year of housing, food, job placement and other after-support. 

In addition to donating, what can I do to help?

You can help us fundraise to save more lives. Simply download the below material and provide it to potential donors, including churches, individuals, and non-profit organizations that are interested in saving lives in Afghanistan.

The QR codes within each piece of content, when scanned, takes potential donors to the page on our Doubting Thomas Research Foundation’s donation page.

Donors can donate the amount they want, then designate the donation “For the Afghan Liberty Project” in the comments section. You can even choose a family, service, or product you wish your donation to help or provide.

Afghan Liberty Project Fundraising Pamphlet
Afghan Liberty Project Beneficiary Stories

In addition, you can scroll down and use the “Book Now” button to book a speaking event at a church, club, school, or other venue. Use the next page to choose the time, date, and venue where our founder, Ryan Mauro, can share about our work before willing audiences who, like you, may want to help save lives in Afghanistan.

Who are our partners?

We collaborate with various organizations to provide secure safe houses, basic living needs, and evacuation routes to our beneficiaries. These include:

– Mercury One
– Run Ministries
– AfghanEvac
– ExitUs

If you are interested in partnering with us, we would love to hear from you

Is Afghan Liberty Project a 501(c)3?

Yes. The Afghan Liberty Project is an non-profit mission that lives under the Doubting Thomas Research Foundation (DTRF), which has been an 501(c)3 since 2018 and is historically dedicated to biblical archeology.

When Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, this non-profit organization began setting up rescue operations in Afghanistan and has since operated as a project of DTRF.

We are in the process of creating a non-profit organization that is solely dedicated to humanitarian work. When this new non-profit has its tax-exempt status, the Afghan Liberty Project will operate under the new non-profit. But, until then, in order to provide you with the benefit of tax-deductible donations, the Afghan Liberty Project will continue to operate under DTRF. 

How can I contact your team?

We would love to hear from you. You can contact our team via email or social media.

Click here to email us.
Click here to connect with us on Facebook.

If you are an Afghan at risk, please email us at afghanrescueproject@gmail.com

Learn More by Booking a Speaking Event

Contact us to book a speaking engagement with our founder, Ryan Mauro.

Talks focus around:

- The current crisis in Afghanistan,
- How donor dollars are saving lives,
- In-depth introductions to who we are serving, and
- What you can do to save lives.

Read More About Our Work

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An estimated 78,000 identified U.S. allies and interpreters are currently left behind in Afghanistan. Find out how you can help.

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Who We Serve in The Afghanistan Humanitarian Crisis

After the U.S. Forces Afghanistan withdrawal in 2021, a Taliban takeover initiated an Afghanistan humanitarian crisis, threatening millions of lives. Today, 90% of Afghans live on under $1.90/day (the international-poverty line). Innocent Afghans are violently targeted by the Taliban for their minority status, faith, or association with foreign Armed Forces or NGOs.