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We Depend on our Volunteers to Save Lives


Our operation was begun by volunteers and continues to be run as a volunteer-majority organization. We depend on our volunteers to help us save lives. Tasks volunteers complete include data entry, fundraising, and partner outreach. All tasks can be completed from the comfort of your home while still serving a very important function to save lives. Following is an overview of roles our volunteers complete for us:

Data Entry

Data entry means helping us sort through information sent to us by beneficiaries in need so we can assess what provisions they need and what next steps we can help them take to stay safe and, ultimately, escape Taliban hunting grounds before it is too late. This data entry process includes ensuring all pertinent data is gathered on each beneficiary to help us in our vetting process and to ensure they are presented with life-saving aid for which they may be eligible.


Sadly, saving lives requires funds and lots of them. For example, to evacuate one person to a safe country with enough after-support to start their new lives, we must spend between $4,000 and $5,000, depending on the individual case. Even food for a family of 5 runs around $200 per month. For this reason, fundraising saves lives. To this end, our volunteers help us spread awareness about our work and asking for donation to continue our work. We provide materials volunteers can use to present to churches, non-profit organizations, and individuals who may be interested in helping to provide the funding necessary to save lives in Afghanistan. Then, our volunteers take it from there to help us garner enough donations for a sustainable operation.

Partner Outreach

Just as our volunteers conduct outreach for the purposes of fundraising, our volunteers also conduct outreach for the purposes of attracting more partners who can help us collaboratively expand the life-saving services we provide to our beneficiaries. For example, it was a volunteer who introduced us to a partner that often delivers food from us to starving beneficiaries on the ground in Afghanistan. Conducting outreach for the purposes of partner development works much the same way as conducting outreach for fundraising purposes: we provide materials volunteers can use to talk to potential partners about our needs and our willingness to collaborate for a win-win partnership.


How to Volunteer


To volunteer: Please fill out the below form to express your interest in volunteering with us to help save lives. Please include a link form of your resume, your full name, your primary email, and “Volunteer” in the subject line.